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In Scotland you can find some of the most thrilling and exciting castles in the world. The many wars left their mark on the Scottish landscape. You will find hundreds of castles here, from ruins to completely restored medieval castles.

Edinburgh Castle is the most popular of all the castles in Scotland. It is visited yearly by over one million people. The second most popular castle in Scotland after Edinburgh is the Stirling Castle.

But beside these tourist hot-spots there are plenty of Scottish castles you can explore. For example a visit to Loch Ness should be combined with a visit to Urquhart Castle located on the lake shores. Balmoral Castle, the residence of the Royal family in Scotland shouldn’t be missed either.

On this page, you will be able to browse through many of Scotland’s most beautiful castles. You can either choose to browse them by region, using the menu at your right, or you can choose to go directly to one of the selected castles from this page.

Scotland map 

Scotland Map

Most Famous Scottish Castles

Edinburgh Castle Scotland
Edinburgh Castle

Stirling Castle Scotland
Stirling Castle

Balmoral Castle Scotland
Balmoral Castle