Bran Castle Romania

Bran Castle

Dracula’s Castle History Bran Castle is a slender stronghold with tile roofs erected in the 14th century, located not far from the city of Brasov in Romania. It commands the green hills on the edge of the Little Carpathians, a subrange of the great chain arcing across Romania. The Bran castle was built in the […]

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Hunyad Castle

Hunedoara Castle

Hunedoara Castle (also known as Hunyad Castle, Huniazilor Castle, and Corvinestilor Castle) is a Gothic-Renaissance castle overlooking the town of Hunedoara in southwest Transylvania, Romania. Hunyad Castle History The earliest documentary evidence of the comet of Hunyad Castle is from 1276, and its earliest known administrator is mentioned in 1295; the first castle also dates

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