Tajbeg Palace ruins

Tajbeg Palace

Tajbeg Palace (Queen’s Palace) is located about 16 km from the center of Kabul, Afghanistan, and about 1 km away from the Darul Aman Palace. Tajbeg Palace History It was built during the 1920s under the reign of King Amanullah. Tajbeg initially served as the residence of the Afghan royal family. Tajbeg Palace is the […]

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Darul Aman Palace walls

Darul Aman Palace

History of Darul Aman Palace Darul Aman Palace was established by King Amanullah Khan in 1920. It is situated 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the center of Kabul, close to another palace, Tajbeg Darul Aman was originally intended to be the seat of the new Afghan parliament, but it never served as that. Darul Aman

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Bala Hissar 1879

Bala Hissar

Bala Hissar is a citadel located in Kabul, Afghanistan. It can be literally translated as “fortress built on the top of a hill”, built in the 5th century B.C. Bala Hissar History Bala Hissar stands at only 46 meters (150 feet) on the plains surrounding Kabul. Bala Hissar Fort was partially destroyed during the Second

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