Tajbeg Palace

Tajbeg Palace facade

Tajbeg Palace (Queen’s Palace) is located about 16 km from the center of Kabul, Afghanistan, and about 1 km away from the Darul Aman Palace.

Tajbeg Palace History

Tajbeg Palace ruins

It was built during the 1920s under the reign of King Amanullah. Tajbeg initially served as the residence of the Afghan royal family.

Tajbeg Palace is the site where former president Haffzulah Amin was killed by the Soviets in 1979 at the time of the USSR war against Afghanistan.

Following the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets, Tajbeg served as the headquarters of the USSR army.

Currently, Tajbeg sits in ruins, but there are plans for rebuilding it.

Tajbeg Palace Location

Geographic Coordinates: 34.464953′ N, 69.119430′ E
Directions: Pul-e-Sukhta Rd, 189 m S, Kabul, Afghanistan

Tajbeg Palace Map

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