Czech Republic

The Zvikov Castle

Zvíkov Castle

Zvikov Castle is located in the southern part of the Czech Republic. It was the private seat of Vaclav I (between 1230–1253) and Přemysl Ottokar II. First mentioned in 1234, the Zvikov Castle was founded at a strategically important position above the confluence of the Vltava and Otava rivers. To the east and west, the […]

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Prague Wallenstein palace

Wallenstein Palace

The Wallenstein Palace Complex, which now houses the Ministry of Culture was built in 1623 in the Little Quarter for Count Albrecht von Wallenstein. It is the first monumental early Baroque building in Prague. The palace, built on the site of 23 houses and three gardens, is asymmetrically located around five courtyards, with a spacious

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Valtice Castle

Valtice Castle

Valtice Castle History The Liechtenstein family built the Waltice Castle about 350 years ago. Part of it now serves as a museum while some wings have been transformed into a hotel, restaurant, and nightclub complex. For those interested in architecture, the village itself has an impressive town hall and an early baroque church overlooking the main square.

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Svihov Castle

Švihov Castle

The Švihov Castle is a late medieval castle located in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. It was the seat of the lords of Rýžemberk and it was built between 1480–1510. Švihov Castle History At the beginning of the 14th century, a new moated fort was built at river level on the main road, at the same

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Prague Castle Entrance

Prague Castle

History of Prague Castle The Prague Castle’s (Hradčany) construction began around the year 885. It was originally designed as a Slavic fortress with wood and earthen walls and mostly wooden buildings, it became the center of the Bohemian state and ducal/royal seat. The earliest stone structures were the church of the Virgin Mary (before 885);

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Pernstejn Castle

Pernštejn Castle

Pernštejn Castle is located in Moravia, Czech Republic, 25 km north-west of Brno. It was the seat of the Pernštejn family, who at the beginning of the 13th century acquired extensive lands in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, where they built numerous castles and founded a family monastery at Doubravník. Pernštejn Castle History The Pernštejn Castle was

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Litomysl Castle

Litomyšl Castle

Litomyšl Castle is a renaissance-style palace in Litomyšl, 57 km south-east of Hradec Králové and 170 km east of Prague. Litomyšl Castle History The 16th-century building is one of the best examples of Czech Renaissance architecture. In 1567 it was acquired by the Bohemian Chancellor, Vratislav of Pernštejn, who decided to build a luxurious and

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Lednice castle

Lednice Castle

Lednice Castle History When the princes of Liechtenstein wanted a place to breed horses, they came here to this village in southern Moravia, currently in the Czech Republic, and built a castle. In fact, they built two castles, one in Lednice and the other 5 kilometers down the road in the village of Wallace. Vineyards

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Castle Český Šternberk

Český Šternberk Castle

Český Šternberk Castle is located in the Czech Republic, overlooking the River Sázava, around 60 km south-east of Prague. It is one of two castles founded by Zdeslav, a leading member of the court of Ottokar II Přemysl (reg1253–78). Český Šternberk Castle History Český (Bohemian) Šternberk was founded c. 1240 and became the family seat

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