Château de Bury

Château de Bury

The Château de Bury is castle near Blois (Loir-et-Cher), France. Although ruined in the 17th century, this Renaissance château still dominates the village of Bury. The building of the Bury Castle was begun in 1511 and it was nearly complete by January 1515; it can thus no longer be considered to be an imitation of […]

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Svartholma fortress

Svartholm Fortress

The Svartholm Fortress is a fortification located in Loviisa, in the southern part of Finland. Svartholm Fortress History After the 1741 – 1743 Russo-Swedish war has ended, and the Peace Treaty of Turku was signed, Sweden had to move its borders to the west. Thus the country was left without any fortresses that would protect

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Suomenlinna Fortress

Suomenlinna Fortress

The Suomenlinna is a fortress in Finland, built on six islands near Helsinki. Suomenlinna Fortress History It was begun by Lieut.-Col. Augustin Ehrensvärd in 1748, when Finland was part of Sweden, and building continued during the Russian period. Suomenlinna is an irregular bastion fortress, built of granite and adapted to its island site. The buildings

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Kyminlinna main gate

Kyminlinna Fortress

Kyminlinna is a fortress located near the town of Kotka, Finland. Kyminlinna Fortress History At the start, the Kyminlinna Fortress was supposed to have two complete bastions and two half-bastions. Soon, it became quite clear however, that such a small fortress would be unable to defend such an important area the first fortress was demolished,

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Fort Slava

Fort Slava

Fort Slava is a sea fortress located in Kotka, Finland, meaning Fort of Honour. Fort Slava History Several previous wars had proved that the delta area of Kyminjoki wasn’t easily defendable if the enemy was able to move freely in the sea. This was the most important factor considered when it was decided to fortify

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