Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

What is now the Royal Palace of Amsterdam (Koninklijk Paleis in Dutch) on the Dam was originally Amsterdam’s town hall. Royal Palace of Amsterdam History It had long been intended to replace the existing town hall with one more indicative of Amsterdam’s power and wealth, and many medieval houses were demolished to make way for […]

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Rosendael Castle

Rosendael Castle

Rosendael is a Dutch castle near Velp, in the province of Gelderland, Rozendaal. Rosendael Castle History Constructed around 1300, the stronghold belonged to the counts of Gelder until 1526. The building originally consisted of an irregular four-sided corps de logis with a circular donjon as its southwest corner tower. The location of this tower on

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Muiden Castle

Muiden Castle

Muiden Castle (Muiderslot) is situated on the River Vecht in the central Netherlands, town of Muiden, built around 1280. It acted as a defense post for the county of Holland, halting the territorial encroachments of the bishops of Utrecht. Muiden Castle History Its quadrangular plan, with four corner towers and a fortified entrance, is related

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Warmond Castl

Huis te Warmond

Warmond Castle (Huis te Warmond) is a Dutch 18th-century manor house near Warmond in the province of South Holland. It was constructed on the site of fortifications dating from 1250, incorporating traces of medieval architecture. Warmond Castle History The original timber structures were replaced by buildings that were subsequently damaged by fire in the 14th,

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Huis Ten Bosch Palace

Huis ten Bosch

Huis ten Bosch is a Dutch Royal Palace located in Hague. Huis ten Bosch History Early in 1645 Pieter Post, the newly appointed court architect, was asked to design a house for Princess Amalia von Solms, wife of Prince Frederick Henry, and a few months later she received permission from the States of Holland to

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Groeneveld Castle

Groeneveld Castle

Groeneveld Castle is famous for its park, art, exhibitions, and concerts. Groeneveld Castle History Castle Groeneveld was built around 1710. Originally it was surrounded by gardens laid out in the French style but these were redesigned in the eighteenth century to form an English landscape park. The park at Castle Groeneveld still ranks as one

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Breda Castle

Breda Castle

Breda Castle is located in North Brabant, Netherlands. It is one of the first examples of monumental Renaissance architecture in the Netherlands, constructed at a time (the 1530s) when large buildings there were still dominated by the Late Gothic style from Brabant. Breda Castle History A fortress had stood on the site since the 13th

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Castle Amerongen keep

Amerongen Castle

Amerongen Castle History The Amerongen Castle was built in 1286. Originally it comprised of a wooden donjon, but later it was made of stone. It houses an exceptionally rich collection of furniture, paintings, wall tapestries, books, porcelain, and glasswork from the 17th through to the 20th century. In the kitchen, hall, library, grand hall, dining

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