Bala Hissar

Bala Hissar 1879

Bala Hissar is a citadel located in Kabul, Afghanistan. It can be literally translated as “fortress built on the top of a hill”, built in the 5th century B.C.

Bala Hissar History

Bala Hissar fort

Bala Hissar stands at only 46 meters (150 feet) on the plains surrounding Kabul.

Bala Hissar Fort was partially destroyed during the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1880) but was later rebuilt.

From 1939, Bala Hissar served as a military college until the bombing destroyed it again.

Bala Hissar gate

In 1979 Bala Hissar was the site of a riot organized by the Afghanistan Liberation Organization, but that riot was suppressed.

Besides witnessing many turbulent periods in Afghanistan’s history, the fortress was once the residence of famous emperors like Babur and Timor Lang. Its walls rise to a height of seven meters (23 feet) and are about four meters (12 feet) thick.

Bala Hissar Fort Today
It has large swimming pools and is now being renovated as a government guesthouse for foreign dignitaries.

Bala Hissar Location

Geographic Coordinates: 34.505556, 69.191667
Directions: Qale’H-Ye-Balahissar, A1, Kabul, Afghanistan 194 m N.

Bala Hissar Map

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