Goodrich Castle

Goodrich Castle

Goodrich Castle is a castle in ruins built around 1086. Goodrich Castle History Goodrich Castle probably started as a simple wooden palisade and watch tower. The earliest reference to the castle was in a document dated 1101 and in a note from a 12th-century copy of the Domesday Book which links the castle with Godric […]

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Whitehall Palace panorama

Whitehall Palace

Whitehall Palace is a former royal palace in the City of Westminster, London, between its rise in the 1530s and its destruction by fire in 1698 it was for much of its existence the largest of the English sovereign’s residences. Whitehall Palace History The Whitehall Palace covered a greater area than the Palace of Versailles,

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Hampton Court Palace entrance

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is an English palace situated on the north bank of the River Thames, about 23 km upstream from central London. Hampton Court Palace History In the building that survives, two main periods of work can be seen: the remains of the Tudor royal palace, begun by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey between 1514 and

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Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace is a former royal palace in southeast England. Eltham, once rural, is now surrounded by the southeast London suburbs. Eltham Palace History The old de Vesci manor was rebuilt between 1295 and 1311 by Bishop Bek of Durham, who bequeathed it to Prince Edward, later Edward II, from whom it passed to Queen

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Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle History Bodiam is a fairytale castle and stands as designed in 1385, surrounded by a wide moat. It was built as a fortress to block raids across Sussex by the French but was also the home of a knight, Sir Edward Dalyngrigge. The interior is a ruin but the outside walls and towers stand

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Maiden Castle roman temple

Maiden Castle

Maiden Castle is a fortified hilltop site in Dorset, England. History of Maiden Castle It has a long, discontinuous, history of use as a settlement and ritual center spanning over 4000 years from the beginning of the Neolithic period to late Roman times in the 4th century AD. However, the most important architecture at the

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Dartmouth Castle

Dartmouth Castle

Although very different in appearance, Dartmouth Castle and Bodiam Castle (in East Sussex) are contemporary and were both built for defense, but privately (not royally) funded. Dartmouth Castle History In the fourteenth century, Richard II cleverly strengthened the south of England without paying for it all himself. Here at Dartmouth, with its long naval tradition

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Tintagel Castle hill

Tintagel Castle

The name of Tintagel is now firmly embedded in the English consciousness as the home of King Arthur, but the actual remains of the buildings perched on this headland in north Cornwall are more complicated than that. Tintagel Castle History Excavations have discovered that the site was being used in Roman times, and it may

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The Durham Castle

Durham Castle

The city of Durham is still dominated from all viewpoints by the twin site of Cathedral and Durham Castle on top of a sandstone bluff. Durham Castle History From the execution for treason of Earl Waltheof in 1074, the castle and the civil power in Durham and the surrounding lands were held in tandem with

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Longthorpe Tower

Longthorpe Tower

Longthorpe Tower History Longthorpe Tower is a medieval house near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, containing the most important surviving medieval domestic paintings in England. They decorate the Great Chamber, an upper room of a tower, which was added to an earlier manor house. This section of the building seems to have been erected in the early 14th

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Windsor castle entrance

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the principal residence outside of London of the British Royal Family. The castle stands in Windsor, 21 miles (34 kilometers) west of London. Windsor Castle is located in the Home Park, a private royal park. The Home Park joins another royal park, the Great Park, south of Windsor. Queen Victoria and her

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