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Throughout most of its history, Poland was a war-torn country, partly because of its positioning between Russia and Prussia.

Poland’s rich history is mirrored through its castles. Many of these castles still survived although many of the Polish castles are currently located in other countries and other castles were destroyed.

Still, even today a visitor in Poland can enjoy a variety of historical buildings ranging from Teutonic castles to baroque palaces.

Also, the biggest castle in the world, Malbork Castle is located within Poland.

Besides Malbork, which is a major tourist hub today, many other impressive castles are located here like the Royal Castle of Warsaw or the Wawel Castle.

Poland map

Poland Map

Most Famous Polish Castles

Malbork Castle Poland
Malbork Castle

Castle of Warsaw
Royal Castle of Warsaw

Wawel Castle Poland
Wawel Castle

List of Castles in Poland