Wilanów Palace

Wilanow Palace

The Wilanow Palace is situated on the southern outskirts of Warsaw.

Wilanów Palace History

Wilanow Palace

From 1677 to 1696 it was the summer residence of John Sobièski, who employed Augustyn Locci to design and build a single-story manor with four projecting corner pavilions.

It soon proved to be insufficient, and between 1681 and 1683 one storey was added and two galleries with towers were built.

In 1686–1692 another story was added to the central part of the palace and as a result of the expansion the building acquired the appearance of an Italian villa, topped by a belvedere on the main axis. Inside this was the largest of the rooms, the Great Hall. The inside and outside of the palace were richly decorated with stuccowork, sculptures, and paintings.

Wilanow Palace panorama

The King’s Anteroom, the Queen’s Anteroom, the Al Fresco Cabinet, and the Mirror Cabinet have the most notable interiors. The subject matter of the decoration was derived from mythology and ancient history and was designed to glorify the monarch.

From 1720 Wilanów belonged to Elżbieta Sieniawska (1666–1729), who commissioned Giovanni Spazzio to add lateral wings to the palace.

Wilanów Palace subsequently changed hands a number of times; it was owned in turn by King Augustus II and by Izabela Lubomirska, née Czartoryska (1736–1816), in the 18th century and by the Potocki family in the 19th century.

In 1805 the palace was opened to the public, thus forming one of the first public museums in Poland. Only minor alterations were made to the building so that the elevations and interiors remained largely intact. Since 1945 the palace and park are part of the National Museum, Warsaw.

Wilanów Palace Visitor information

Wilanów Palace is open for visits all year round except for the following days: 1st of January, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday, Corpus Christi Day, 1 November, and Winter Holidays between 20 December and 28 January.

What to See in Wilanów Palace

Wilanow Palace garden

Wilanów Residence and Park
The Orangery
Wilanów Palace top
Wilanów Museum
Proprietors of the palace
Please note:

Tickets for groups must be booked at least one week in advance.
On Sundays admission at the palace is free and there is no tour service available.
For more information about the opening hours, tickets and tours visit the official website or use these contact details:
Email: rezerwacja@muzeum-wilanow.pl
Tel: ( +48) 801 011 779 – Mon – Fri 8.00 – 17.00

Wilanów Palace Location

Wilanów Palace is located in southern Warsaw, district of Wilanów.
Get help with directions using the map provided below

Wilanów Palace Map

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