Vrana Palace

Vrana Palace History

Vrana Palace

Formerly a palatial home of the royal family of Bulgaria, Vrana Palace serves today as the official home of the deposed Tsars.

The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park, it has two buildings that house a theater, tea halls, official apartments, and other rooms.

Certain rooms of the palace are constructed in different architectural styles, namely Baroque, Austrian, Bulgarian, and Venetian.

Vrana hunting lodge

In addition, the palace contains a carved wooden ceiling, metal plates, oak panels, columns made from Carrara marble, and an old elevator.

Some of the furnishings found in the palace are gifts from Russia’s former czar, Alexander III, and were specially constructed by master craftsmen sent from Russia.

Vrana Palace Location

The Vrana Palace is situated in the suburbs of Sofia. Get help with directions.

Vrana Palace Map

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