Villa Sileen (Silene)

Villa Sileen

Villa Silene (also spelled Sileen, Silin, Selene) is a Roman villa in Libya. Located near the village of Al Khoms (Khums or Homs), Villa Sileen is an excellent example of this type of Roman architecture in North Africa.

Ruins of Villa Silene

Discovered in 1974, the villa was inhabited in the 2nd-century ad.

It consists of 20 rooms, including domed baths. Wall paintings and mosaics grace the villa, now on the edge of the coast, which is so well preserved because the villa had been covered by sand dunes over the centuries.

The subject matter of the interior decoration includes scenes of hunting and chariot racing, with mosaics depicting scenes of the Nile with pygmies fighting crocodiles, as well as sea nymphs and tritons.

Visitor Information

Villa Sileen Mozaic detail

Villa Silene is situated on the Mediterranean coast, about 17 km SE from the village of Al Khoms (Homs).

The villa is connected to the Roman archeological site of Leptis Magna. and it is located about 20 km E distance.

Note: The villa is a private property and currently it is under restoration but a visit can be arranged at Leptis Magna administration (see on the map)

Villa Sileen Map

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