Tower of Kamianiec

The Tower of Kamianiec (Kamyanyets) is located in the town of Kamianiec, about 34 km from Brest, in Belarus.

Tower of Kamianiec History

Tower of Kamianiec

Designed by the architect Oleksa and built during 1271-1289, the Tower of Kamyanyets remains the main landmark of Kamianiec today. It stands atop a raised bank overlooking the Liasnaja River. Regarded as a national historic site, the tower houses a branch of the Brest regional museum.

The great round tower is a part of the motte-and-bailey castle and actually served as a donjon (fortified main tower or a keep) with service and residential rooms on five levels. It is made entirely of red bricks and has big, pointed lancet windows and niches on the upper floor with glass windows, representing early Gothic architecture.

Kamianiec Tower Belarus

The upper part of the tower has battlements and dogtooth courses running below it.

Tower of Kamyanyets Location

The Tower of Kamyanyets is located in Kamianiec, Brest Province, Belarus. Get help with directions using the map provided below!

Tower of Kamyanyets Map

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