Tonge Castle

History of the Tonge Castle

The foundations of a rectangular stone building were found in excavations during 1930 on the southwestern part of the motte area together with pottery dating from the 12th to the 14th century.

This was confirmed in further excavations in 1965.

Traces of a wooden structure on the highest party of the mound were recorded. There was no evidence of occupation before 1100.

There is a mention of the castle during the time of King John and it was still mentioned as a castle in 1448.

Tonge Castle Location

Tonge Castle is a castle located in Tonge, 9 km from Faversham and 4,2 km from Sittingbourne.

Mutilated remains of a motte and bailey castle are all that remain today. The site is situated on private property.

Tonge Castle Map

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