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Tattershall Castle History

Tattershall Castle front

The first castle, which was founded by a license granted to Sir Robert de Tatershall in 1231, had a bailey surrounded by a stone wall and towers, and a wet moat.

This castle descended to Ralph, 3rd Baron Cromwell, Treasurer of England from 1433 to 1443, who transformed it into a magnificent defensible palace of brick, culminating in a tower 36 m high, which dominated the surrounding flat countryside.

Tattershall Castle is the earliest surviving building in England to display a fully developed language of brick architecture capable of providing all the required structural and decorative features.

Work at the Tattershall Castle started in 1432. The castle remained habitable until 1693 but it was partly demolished before 1726 and again in 1790. George Nathaniel, 1st Marquis Curzon of Kedleston (1859–1925), bought the castle in 1911 and bequeathed it to the National Trust.

Tattershall Castle

Tattershall Castle proclaimed the beauty of brick and its suitability for the noblest patrons and introduced foreign makers and layers who must have provided an important training ground in their skills.

The standard of brickmaking and laying is extremely high, and the building accounts contain the earliest known reference to bricks being made in specified sizes. These gave the turrets their precise arrises and accurate bond and allowed interesting diaper patterns to be made, especially on the show front.

Guardhouse Bridge and moat Tattershall Castle

These brickmaking and laying skills were new to England; they accompany such un-English details in the brickwork as the pointed-arch friezes, the quirked casement moldings and couchettes of the vaulting, as well as the diapering and design of the lodgings’ chimney-stack with its kneeled-out and stepped gablet.

By contrast, the design of the stonework, especially the spectacular chimney pieces, traceried windows, and string courses, is typically English. The foreign detailing has precedents on buildings across northern Europe from the Low Countries to the Baltic.

Tattershall Castle Visitor Information

Tattershall Castle Tapestry Room

Tattersall Castle is managed by the National Trust of England and it is open for visits.

A climb to the top of the castle (six floors, 150 steps) will end with a beautiful view of the area from the roof.

An audio tour is also available and will introduce you to the 15th-century daily life at Tattershall Castle

Tickets and opening hours

Here are the informative prices (2011) for admission to Tatterhal Castle: adult tickets: £5.50, child tickets £3, and family tickets: £14 (£12.60). For updated information about tickets and opening hours please visit the official website. or contact directly the office manager:

Group visits must be booked in advance.

Administrative Contact

01526 342543
Fax: 01526 348826
Email: tattershallcastle@nationaltrust.org.uk

Tattershall Castle Location

Tattershall Castle location: Sleaford Road, Tattershall, LN4 4LR, United Kingdom. Use this map to get directions:

Tattershall Castle Map

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