Welcome to EveryCastle.com the most comprehensive resource about castles, palaces, and fortifications. While today they are either just a symbol of war or power, for hundreds of years they served a practical purpose, playing a vital role in people’s lives. Castles and palaces were built for many purposes. Some like Edinburgh Castle had a military role, others, like the Palace of Versailles were residential, while the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany was just the dream of a mad king.

Here at EveryCastle, you have the opportunity to explore the history and architecture of all these buildings that played a key role in history.

From the dramatic cliffs of France to the sprawling gardens of Italy, join us on a fascinating journey through history’s greatest residences. Walk with us among the bastions of Château d’If, the prison of the famous Count of Monte Cristo, or admire the beautiful Renaissance frescoes at Villa Farnese. Travel into the heart of Ghana to visit Elmina Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or marvel at the intricate stonework of the Spanish Castle of Coca. Discover the history of Darul Aman Palace, originally built as the seat of the new Afghan parliament, it ended up as a ruined palace.

You can browse through hundreds of guides to castles and palaces of the world and see our vast collection of photos of castles.

Castles in England

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