Livadia Palace

Livadia Palace

Livadia Palace History

Livadia Palace interior

The Livadia Palace, constructed of white Crimean granite, was built in 1911 as a summer residence for Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia.

This palace was the site of the historic Yalta Conference of 1945, when Soviet leader Joseph Stalin hosted the British prime minister, Winston Churchill, and the U.S. President, Franklin Roosevelt, as these three world leaders decided the fate of Eastern Europe after World War II.

Livadia Palace Location

Address: Livadia Village, st. Baturin, Yalta district, Crimea region., Ukraine (пгт Ливадия, ул. Батурина, Ялтинский р-н, Крым обл., Ukraine). Get help with directions using this map:

Livadia Palace Map

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