Kirkuk Citadel

Kirkuk Citadel ruins and mosque

Kirkuk Citadel History

Kirkuk Citadel interior tower

Kirkuk Citadel, the oldest structure in the city, is situated in the heart of Kirkuk on a 40-meter-high artificial mound near the Khasa River.

The citadel is the oldest building in the city of Kirkuk.

It is said that King Ashurnasirpal II originally established Kirkuk Citadel during 884-858 B.C. as a military defense post, and King Sluks later erected a fortification of 72 towers across 72 streets.

Visitor Information

The palace houses a mosque with historical and religious tombstones (like Prophet Daniel’s tomb), two domes, three minarets, arches, and a graveyard.

Houses surrounding the citadel were razed by Saddam Hussein in an effort to eradicate the Kurds, but Kurds in the post-Saddam era have plans to restore the citadel and its neighborhood to attract more tourists.

Kirkuk Citadel Location

Kirkuk Citadel address: Kerkük Kalesi, Nahiyat Hammam, Iraq. Geographic Coordinates: 35.470092, 44.395727
See below the location on the map:

Kirkuk Citadel Map

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