Folkestone Castle

The Folkestone Castle overlooks the village of Folkestone and the entrance to the Channel Tunnel.

Folkestone Castle History

Folkestone Castle

Folkestone Castle’s date of construction is uncertain but is considered to have been somewhere between the 1070s and the 1130s.

There was another earlier Norman castle on the coast at Folkestone, close to a landing place. This became a casualty of coastal recession and no longer exists.

General Pitt-Rivers archaeologically excavated the castle in 1878. In addition to medieval deposits, he found a Roman ridge tile, considered a stray find.

Others have excavated the site since and in 1988-9 pottery dating from 2500-1800 BC was found. It has been suggested that the Norman castle adopted a pre-Roman occupation site, possibly with defensive characteristics.

Defensive trenches were cut into the castle during the Second World War.

Folkestone Castle Location

Castle Hill is located in Folkestone, Kent CT19 4, UK. Get help with directions:

Folkestone Castle Map

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