Deal Castle

Deal Castle History

Deal Castle

In 1538 Henry VIII built this fortress in answer to the threat of invasion by France and Spain. In the shape of a Tudor rose, Deal Castle is the largest of the three castles built around the same time, the others being Walmer and Sandown.

Inside cavernous, with galleries and barracks, it was built to garrison 24 men and their Captain.

In 1615, Deal Castle was reported as being in a dangerous condition. The sea had eaten away at the wall and the lantern was decayed. Repairs were delayed till 1634.

Deal Castle tower

During the Civil War, all was quiet for five years, but in 1647 the Great Kent Rebellion began, commonly known as ‘Plum Pudding Riots’. Parliament had abolished Christmas and this was the last straw. Royalists, took the castle in 1648, following a three-week siege, which inflicted more damage to the castle, and they were defeated.

Improvements and additions were made in the 18th and 19th centuries, but these were destroyed by German bombs in 1941, during World War II, leaving the castle in its original design.

Deal Castle entrance

Deal Castle Visitor Info

Deal Castle has been a national monument since 1904 and is now in the hands of English Heritage.

The castle is open for visits and there are Audio tours available in English, French, German, and Dutch.

For more information about Deal Castle tours, opening hours, and tickets visit the official website.

Deal Castle Location

Deal Castle Address: Victoria Road, Deal, Kent CT14 7BA, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using this map:

Deal Castle Map

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