Allington Castle

Allington Castle History

Lying by the River Medway, on the site of an earlier manor house owned by Ulnoth, one of the sons of Earl Godwin, this property was given to Bishop Odo following the Norman conquest.

Allington Castle winter

On his disgrace, it passed to the crown, and shortly after it was granted to William, Earl of Warren, who rebuilt the property and transferred it to Lord Fitzhugh.

It came into the possession of Sir Stephen de Manchester, Constable of Dover Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports, he was given the grant to crenelate his house in 1281. Whereby, he either enlarged what may already have been a small castle or had the property rebuilt.

During the 14th century, the castle passed through the hands of the Cobham family, the Mowbrays, and the Gainsfords by inheritance and marriage.

In 1492 the castle was purchased by Sir Henry Wyatt and his son, Sir Thomas Wyatt, was born there in 1503. Sir Thomas was described as a gentleman – adventurer and following the dissolution of the monasteries he received the property of the friary at Aylesford. In 1554 Sir Thomas Wyatt lead the rebellion against Queen Mary’s marriage to Philip of Spain, he was executed for treason and his properties were forfeited to the crown.

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Elizabeth I gave the Allington Castle to John Astley, Master of the Jewels, in 1568. Sometime shortly after it was left to deteriorate and parts were destroyed by fire.

During the 17th & 18th centuries, habitable parts of the castle had a mixture of tenants over the years, providing a home for families and later tenant farmers. Fire damage occurred in the early 19th century and it provided laborers apartments until the early 20th century.

Allington Castle bridge

The Allington Castle was purchased in 1905, by Sir Martin Conway, who spent much time and money on repairs and rebuilding which were completed by 1929

In 1951 the Allington castle was purchased by the Carmelite Friars and used as a retreat and study center. It is currently an international conference and training center.

Allington Castle Location

Allington Castle is located in the west of Maidstone in Kent, on the A20 road (Allington, Maidstone, Kent ME16 0, UK). Get help with directions using the map provided below:

Allington Castle Map

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