Abbasid Palace

Abbasid Palace courtyard

Abbasid Palace History

Abbasid Palace front facade

The Abbasid Palace was probably established by Caliph Al-Naser Ledinillah in the 12th century, during the Abbasid period of history, making it one of the oldest palaces in the world, and it is the oldest surviving building in Baghdad.

The State Establishment of Antiquities and Heritage renovated parts of the palace, which now exhibits an array of historical items depicting the country’s Arab Islamic history.

It also features an architectonic façade, a central courtyard, arches, muqarnas (three-dimensional decorative corbels or stalactite vaults), ceilings with brickwork, and two stories.

It is believed that the Abbasid Palace was originally built for the purpose of hosting a madrasa, a place for Islamic theological studies.

Abbasid Palace Location

The Abbasid Palace is situated in Baghdad overlooking the Tigris River. (Address: Maidan Square, Baghdad, Iraq). See below the location on the map:

Abbasid Palace Map

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