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Portuguese castles are distinct from many other castles in Europe. Even the earliest castles were built out of stone, while in other European territories the wood was the primary building material.

Historically Portugal was a Roman territory, and then it was occupied for four centuries by the Arabs. Many of the standing castles in Portugal have Arab influences.

Portugal’s castles range from early medieval buildings to romantic castles. Probably the best known romantic building in Portugal is the Pena National Palace near Sintra.

Near Sintra you can find the Queluz National Palace too, a wonderful Rococo palace. When it comes to Moorish architecture in Portugal, probably Castle of São Jorge is the most relevant example.

 Portugal map

Portugal Map

Most Famous Castles in Portugal 

Pena National Palace Portugal
Pena National Palace

Queluz National Palace
Queluz National Palace

São Jorge Castle
Castle of São Jorge