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Trakai Island Castle

Trakai Island Castle Facts

Trakai Island Castle is one of the must visit places in Lithuania. The only Eastern European castle that has been built on an island it is located in Trakai, on the shores of Lake Galve.

It was one of the main centres of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the castle held great strategic importance. Island Castle together with Peninsula Castle are the most famous works of defensive architecture in Lithuania.

An interesting fact about the Trakai island castle is that the town was built and preserved by people of different nationalities. Communities of Karaites, Tartars, Lithuanians, Russians and Polish lived here. Both Christian and Karaites communities were granted separate self-government - Magdeburg - rights.

During summer, Trakai Island Castle becomes a centre of numerous music and culture performances. In Trakai, tourists are enjoying resting by the waterside, a yacht or motorbike ride, swimming, fishing, camping or simply a quiet time in a cafe on the bank of Lake Galve. In June, Lake Galve holds International Rowing Regatta “Amber oars”

Visit Trakai Island Castle & History Museum

Opening times:

May to September: Monday - Sunday 10,00 - 19,00
March to April and October: Tuesday - Sunday 10,00 - 18,00
November to February: Tuesday - Sunday 10,00 - 17,00

Ticket Info:

An adult ticket will cost you 14 lt (aprox. 4€) and less than 2 € for students (6 lt) and for seniors about 2,5 € (8 lt).

An Englsuh Guided Tour will cost 14,5 € (50 lt). Taking photos inside the castle and the museum will cost 4 lt (1,6 €)

Contact Info:

Museum administration: +370 528 55297
secretary: +370 528 53945
Castle ticket office: +370 528 53946
fax: +370 5 285 5288
Official website:

Trakai Island Castle Map&Location

Address: Trakų Salos Pilis, Kęstučio gatvė 4, Trakai 21104, Lithuania. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Trakai Island Castle Photos

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The Trakai Island Castle © cangaroojack
Trakai Island Castle Courtyard © Steve Haslam
Trakai Island Castle Courtyard © Sid
Trakai Island Castle Courtyard © Sid
Trakai Island Castle Entrance © Peter Huys
Trakai Island Castle Walls © Steve Haslam
Trakai Island Castle Inside © Judy