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Strome Castle

Located at Stromemore, four miles south of Lochcarron village, Strome Castle is today a fragmentary ruin.

Strome Castle Short History

Built on a low headland projecting into Loch Carron, the castle dates from at least the mid 15th century, for in 1472 Alan MacDonald Dubh, 12th Chief of the Camerons, was appointed Constable of Strome by the Lord of Lochalsh.

It passed through the female line to the MacDonalds of Glengarry.

Strome Castle comprises of a ruinous square tower to the east with a courtyard to the west. This is entered through a gateway on the north wall. A second gateway in the west wall still leads to the headland.

Mr C W Murray of Couldoran presented Strome to the Trust in 1939.

Strome Castle Map&Location

Address: Strome Castle is located in Stromemore, Highland, UK (3,5 miles S-W from Lochcarron)
Geographic Coordinates: 57.359147, -5.555856 - Get help with directions:

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Strome Castle and Castle Bay
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