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Schlemmin castle (Schloss Schlemmin)

Schlemmin Castle History

Schlemmin Castle with its towers, battlements, and bays, was built in the middle of the 19th Century. It is a building with a cellar underneath the whole of it, consisting for the most part of two storeys, with the attic converted in part. The main facade is followed by a side wing to the west.

The western wing and the the tower have an additional storey which is not, however, converted in the tower region. The southern main entrance with a wide flight of stairs of natural stone has the form of a hexagon.

Here the attic storey is formed as a pyramid roof with additional pointed windows, which border on the rising battlements of the entrance facade. In the middle of the northern facade there is another portal in the form of a generous bay with pediment, which serves for direct access to the staircase from the side of the park.

An additional entrance to the cellar storey is at the north-eastern corner of the building. This part of the facade has a rectangular tower. The functional design of the building corresponds to to its former prestigious character.

A restaurant is in operation at the eastern gable of the cellar storey (in the immediate neighbourhood of the halls). This area has an additional separate entrance as well as its own kitchen, sanitary installations and coal-fired central heating. Otherwise the castle is heated by means of a heating house, which is situated at the access road.

The complex further comprises the former orangery to the left of the castle, the coach house to the right, and the ice cellar behind. Behind the castle is a generously laid out park of about 15 hectares with fine old trees.

Schloss Schlemmin Visitor Info

The small village of Schlemmin with its 400 inhabitants is situated 15 kilometres south-east of Ribnitz-Damgarten.

This prestigious Schlemmin castle, which is now classified as a historical monument, lies in the middle of the village, about 100 metres from the village street. It is surrounded by a park with a stretch of running water to the east. Access is via the bitumen-reinforced village street and the castle drive. There are only very limited parking facilities on the access road.

Schlemmin is connected to the B105 road through secondary roads as well as through the first class road from Ribnitz-Damgarten. There is regional bus traffic to Schlemmin but no railway connection. The nearest airfields are in Barth (approximately 16 km), and Rostock (approx. 40 km)

Currently the Schloss Schlemmin is a hotel. Four suites, two tower rooms and 23 double rooms are available for accommodation.

Schloss Schlemmin Map

Address: Am Schloss 2, 18320 Schlemmin, Germany. Get directions using the map provided bellow:

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Schlemmin Castle Photos

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Schloss Schlemmin © Erell
Schlemmin Castle winter © Darkone
Schlemmin Castle detail © © Erell
Schlemmin Castle paint by Alexander Duncker (1813-1897)