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Saadabad Palace

The Sa'dabad Palace, aslo spelled Saadabad Palace, was built in the northern part of Tehran, in the Shemiran area during the Pahlavi era.

Saadabad Palace Facts

The royals of the Qajar dynasty in the 19th century used this palace as their summer capital. Saadabad Palace occupies a vast area of 275 acres (over 110 hectares).

Saadabad Palace was converted into many museums after the Iranian Revolution, including the Military museum, the museum of calligraphy or the green museum.

It displays many historical artifacts and documents that represent Iran’s rich cultural history.

The palace is also used to host foreign visitors of the Iranian president. A part of the palace is used by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization.

Visitor Information

Saadabad Palace and its gardens can be visited daily between 9 and 17:00. It is closed every Monday and for religious holidays.

The Military Museum which is open daily except Thursdays.

The entrance fee varies, as it has to be paid for each museum in part, but overall it is cheap, varying between 1 USD and 4 USD.

Saadabad Palace Map&Location

The Saadabad Palace is located in SadAbad, Tehran, Iran: See bellow the location on the map:

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Saadabad Palace Photos

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Saadabad Palace and garden by reibai
Saadabad Palace entrance by reibai
Saadabad Palace complex - building by mused
Saadabad Palace complex - building by mused
Saadabad Palace - Hall Ceiling by Hamed Saber
Saadabad Palace hall - Persian carpet by sipo
Saadabad Palace - Mirrors Room by sipo