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Ravenscraig Castle

Ravenscraig Castle Description

Ravenscraig Castle was built on a rocky promontory between two shingle beaches. Two mellow stone towers, with rounded fronts, face the mainland, with a footbridge crossing a dry ditch to the entrance gateway. On the west is the oldest tower.

The East Tower is lower, but has deeper foundations. At its base, within the ditch, are steps hewn from the solid rock, originally used to lead horses to a stable.

King James II acquired Ravenscraig in 1460 and the royal mason, Henry Merlzioun, began work. In 1470 James III swapped the castle with Lord Sinclair for the earldom of Orkney. Various other kings have visited. The Sinclairs retained possession until 1898. In 1955 it was taken into state care.

Rowallan is a fine courtyard building, most of which is still roofed. Twin towers at Ravenscraig Castle guard the entrance passage which has a guardroom off it. The castle has numerous decorative features, including cable mouldings, armorial panels, gun loops and decorative stonework.

The Ravenscraig Castle was built by the Mures but was later owned by the Earls of Glasgow and Earls of Loudoun before being acquired by the Corbett Lords Rowallan.

Ravenscraig Castle Map&Location

Address: Ravenscraig Castle Dysart Road, Kirkcaldy KY1 2BB, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Ravenscraig Castle ruins
Ravenscraig Castle courtyard
Ravenscraig Castle grounds
Ravenscraig Castle interior ruins
Ravenscraig Castle aerial view
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