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Lochmaben Castle

Lochmaben Castle stands on a low headland projecting into the Castle Loch, a spot which formerly was an island.

The ruins are extensive, but most of the dressed sandstone has been robbed over the years, leaving crumbling rubble. To the south the walls reach their highest, with a great entrance over a ditch. The drawbridge pit is still visible.

Lochmaben Castle - Short History

What we see of Lochmaben was probably built by English masons, and in its early years it was captured and recaptured 12 times, being close to the border.

Originally the seat of the Bruces, some say King Robert was born here, though others claim this for Turnberry Castle in Ayrshire. Edward I of England took the castle in 1298, but it returned to Bruce hands.

It was given to Edward III by Baliol but taken again by David II in 1346. Edward captured it again, but the Douglases retook it in 1384.

When the Douglases were attaint in 1455 it became a royal castle. James IV did much rebuilding in 1503-4, adding a new hall. Mary, Queen of Scots visited in 1565 with Darnley.

For a time held by Lord Maxwell, James VI who granted the governorship to the Earls of Annandale besieged it in 1588.

Lochmaben Castle Map&Location

Lochmaben Castle Address:
Directions: 2 Castle Mains Cottages, Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway DG11 1JE, UK

Approximate Gepgraphic Coordinates: 55.116060, -3.430438

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