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Lennox Castle

Lennoxlove Castle History    

Lennox Castle or Lennoxlove Castle was named after the Duchess of Lennox – the model for Britannia on pre-decimal coins.

Previously known as Lethington Castle, it was the seat of the Maitlands.

The 15th century tower has a double storey cap house and corbelled parapet. The 1670s east wing was remodeled in the early 19th century.

Lennox Castle passed to Lord Blantyre in the 18th century, and in 1900 to Sir David Baird. His son, William, employed Robert Lorimer to restore the building. The Duke of Hamilton bought the castle in 1946.

Lennoxlove Castle Tour

Lennoxlove Castle guided tours commence in the front hall, ascending the main stair to the China Room. A bedroom contains a unique four-poster gifted by Princess Pauline, sister of Napoleon.

The Stewart room has portraits of the monarchs; the Damask room a table gifted by Charles II. The Yellow Sitting Room and Blue Room are, like the rest of the castle, adorned with portraits.

The old tower contains relics of Mary, Queen of Scots, including her death mask, ring and casket. A side room contains bagpipes, swords and pipes. The 37ft deep well is passed on the way to the vaulted great hall, which is a magnificent room with Flemish tapestries and large fireplace. The Bairds added the latter.

The spiral stair descends to the lower vault, now converted to a chapel. Here also is the original gate and dungeon.

A passage with funeral lozenges leads to the 10th century room, which contains mementoes of the Dukes of Hamilton, the Nazi Rudolph Hess, the first flight over Everest, and a collection of early 20th century motorbikes.


Lennox Castle Map&Location

Lennox Castle Address: Glen Rd, Lennoxtown, Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire G66 7LA, UK

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