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Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle Historical Facts

Inveraray Castle is a Gothic mansion built during 1743 and 1770 and designed by Roger Morris. The castle is located in the town of Inveraray in Argyll. William and Robert Adam were also involved at a later date. The castle replaced an older baronial building, which was demolished.

Inveraray was altered in 1877-1878 following a fire, when the candle-snuffer roofs were added to the corner turrets, and the central tower was raised in the middle of the four square block.

Often described as architecturally disappointing, the castle is nevertheless typical of its time.

Inveraray Castle Interior

The Inveraray Castle’s interior outshines its exterior. Only one half of it is open to the public – the rooms on the northwest front. These are sumptuously furnished, with fine tapestries, paintings, furniture, china, wood carving and plasterwork, some of which made by Robert Adam.

The armoury hall’s walls are covered with guns and pikes. The State Dining Room has exquisite painted panels on the walls and ceilings, which is the work of French artists. Other rooms include the saloon, gallery, Victorian room, drawing room, and MacArthur bedroom.

One room is dedicated to the history and genealogy of the Campbell clan. The kitchen has a fine display of copper utensils.

The Castle Today

Inveraray Castle has been the seat of the Dukes of Argyll ever since it was built, and it is still lived in by the present Duke. The grounds are extensive, and contain the Combined Operations Museum.


The castle is open to visits and tickets can be booked online too at the official site of Inveraray:

Inveraray Castle Map&Location

Inveraray Castle Address: Inveraray, Argyll PA32 8XE, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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 Inveraray Castle Photos

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Inveraray Castle and grounds
Inveraray Castle and garden
View of the back of the castle and gardens
Inveraray Castle frontside
Inveraray Castle towers
Inveraray Castle from Sron Reithe
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