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Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin)

Fin Garden Facts

Fin Garden was built in the classic old-Iranian style, while the palace situated in the garden reflects the influence of the architecture of the Safavid, Zandiyeh, and Qajar periods.

 It is 2.3 hectares big and employs many water fountains.

Besides the palace, the garden has a number of suffehs (buildings), two baths, a pool, a fountain known as Sultani, flowing streams, water spouts, and a garden full of cypress trees.

Many buildings contain frescoes, paintings, and plastic inscriptions dating back to 1811.

Thousands of tourists stop by to enjoy the beauty of this well-kept historical place. The garden is deemed to be of great cultural and historical significance.

Fin Garden Map&Location

The Fin Garden is located four miles south of Kashan, in Iran. See bellow the location on the map:

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 Fin Garden Photos

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Fin Garden by Nick Taylor
Fin Garden - from inside by Ali Reza
Bagh-e Fin Park by reibai
Fin Garden interior by reibai
Fin Garden facade by Ensie & Matthias
Fin Garden courtyard by Ensie & Matthias