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Edzell Castle Description

It is actually the garden at Edzell which seems to be more important that the Edzell Castle itself.

Edzell Castle's garden has a large enclosed area, and the walls are adorned with numerous carvings of Planetary Deities, Liberal Arts and Cardinal Virtues.

These are actually now resin casts of the originals, which are located in the delectable Summer House of 1604.

The garden dates from this time, being laid out by Sir David Lindsay, Lord Edzell, but the present parterre was the work of the Ancient Monuments Board in 1932 when the garden was taken into state care.

At the opposite corner of the garden from the Summer House are the scanty remains of the bath house, with the well surviving in the thickness of the wall.

Short History

The oldest part of the castle is the L-planned tower of the early 16th century, which is built in a rich red sandstone. This was added to the north where the entrance pend passes beneath what was once a large hall, long since ruined.

In 1602-04 Lord Edzell added the north west tower. The castle was probably never finished, and the Northeast range is incomplete. It is thought that Lord Edzell became more interested in his garden than the castle.

Edzell was the seat of the Lindsays of Glenesk who acquired the lands by marriage in 1358. Previously owners were the Stirlings, their motte visible from the present castle.

A fragment of an early Christian cross-found nearby is located in the Summer House. Mary, Queen of Scots visited in August 1562. Cromwell took the castle in 1651. The Lindsays retained Edzell until 1715 when David sold it to the Earl of Panmure. He was deprived of his estates for his Jacobite adherences.

The Edzell Castle was stripped for building materials in 1764, and one of the turrets can still be pointed out in Edzell village. Ownership passed to the Earl of Dalhousie whose descendant still retains it.

Edzell Castle Map&Location

Edzell Castle Address: Edzell, Brechin, Angus DD9 7UE. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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