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Dundonald Castle

A massive pile crowning a prominent hill, Dundonald Castle can be seen for many miles around.

Dundonald Castle History

The present ruins date from the 3rd castle to occupy the site and before that there was a fort of the Dark Ages. The first castle was erected in the late 12th century, made mainly of wood. Alexander Stewart erected the next castle in the late 13th century, but it was destroyed in the Wars of Independence.

The well from this building survives outside the present castle, and part of a round tower is incorporated in the northwest corner.

The present castle was erected around 1371, when Robert II was crowned. The castle is three storeys high.

The bedrooms must have been located in the southern extension which was added c.1450. Here also was the ground floor prison, with fireplace, and a dark pit below.

The Stewarts owned Dundonald from around 1150 until 1482 when it was sold to the Cathcarts. In 1526 it passed to the Wallaces, but by 1650 it was in ruins, the family having moved to Old Auchans nearby.

Tradition states that some stone was taken from the castle to build the new house. James Boswell and Samuel Johnson visited the ruins in 1773. The Cochrane family, the chief of which has the title Earl of Dundonald, acquired the ruins later.

Dundonald Castle Map

Address: Dundonald, South Ayrshire KA2 9HD, Scotland, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Dundonald Castle Photos

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Dundonald Castle and courtyard by mike138
The Dundonald Castle by tmb2610
Dundonald Castle courtyard by Astrid Horn
Dundonald Castle inside by euphbass