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Drumcoltran Tower

Drumcoltran Tower is an attractive small rubble built house, located in the middle of a farm steading.

Drumcoltran Tower - Short History

Drumcoltran was built around 1550 for the Maxwell family, with Sir John Maxwell marrying the Herries heiress.

A Latin motto over the door translates as "Conceal secrets, be timid of speech, be truthful, beware of wine, remember death, be pitiful." The panel which would have borne arms and a date is missing.

In 1669 the tower was sold to the Irvings, followed by the Hynds in 1799, the Herons, and the Maxwells again in 1875. It was still inhabited in the 1890s.

Drumcoltran Tower Map&Location

Directions: 2 Kilnstrand, Kirkgunzeon, Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway DG2 8JJ. Approximate Geographic Coordinates: 54.995944, -3.768367

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Drumcoltran Tower
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