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Château d'Adomenil

The Chateau d'Adomenil is situated in the Luneville suburb of Rehainviller, next to the Château de Lunéville.

This four-towered mini-castle with roots going back to the 1600s, houses an acclaimed dining room and an eight-room hotel. Construction of the original chateau was started in 1616 by a wealthy chamber servant of the Duke of Lorraine.

A round chapel with a cupola roof was added in 1703. The manor house burned down during the French Revolution but was rebuilt in the 1800s as a grand home for the owner of the city's renowned china works.

Set on a seven-hectare estate at the edge of the city, Château d'Adomenil has its own moat to reflect its turreted roofline.

Château d'Adomenil Map

Château d'Adomenil Address: Rehainvillier, 54300 Lunéville, France. Use this map to get directions.

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Today the Château d'Adomenil is a private property, and a restaurant. Next to it lies the Lunéville Castle, a beautiful XVIII century French palace.