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Castles in Romania

 Although Romania doesn’t abound in castles, some of the most intriguing castles in the world are located here.

Undoubtedly when you think about Romanian castles you think about Transylvania and Count Dracula’s castle, the Bran Castle. This castle is the most visited building in Romania, because it is linked to the legend of Dracula, but actually Vlad the Impaler doesn’t have many links to the castle.

Instead Vlad the Impaler is known to have used and rebuilt the Poenari Castle, which currently stands in ruins. Also he was imprisoned for a short while in the fabulous gothic Hunedoara Castle.

Besides these tourist hubs Romania has many other fine remote castles well worth visiting.

Romania map 

Romania Map

Most Famous Romanian Castles

Bran Castle Romania
Bran Castle

Hunedoara Castle
Hunedoara Castle

Poenari Castle
Poenari Castle ruins

List of Castles in Romania