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In Hungary one can find a great variety of historical buildings ranging from medieval castles to late baroque palaces.

Hungarian medieval castles were built to defend the territory against the Ottoman invasion. The best preserved examples of a medieval castle are the Visegrad Castle along the Danube, the Hollóko Castle or Sümeg Castle.

Probably Hungary’s most well known castle, the Buda Castle, located on the hills of Buda is also a fine example of a castle that played a central role in the country’s history.

Hungary doesn’t lack magnificent palaces either; there are many palaces like the Festetics Palace, Gödöllő Palace or the Esterhazy Palace.

Hungary map

Hungary Map

Most Famous Castles in Hungary

Buda Castle
Buda Castle

Visegrad Castle
Visegrad Castle

Esterhazy Palace Hungary
Esterhazy Palace

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