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Baqcheh Jooq Palace

Baqcheh-Jooq Palace Facts

Baqcheh-Jooq Palace (english: Joogh Garden) was commissioned by Iqbal-ol-Saltaneh Makui, one of Mozafaredin Shah’s commanders.

This palace is a major tourist attraction due to its location on the Turkey-Europe road route.

The Baqcheh-Jooq palace is situated on a large expanse of gardens, which cover an area of 11 hectares (27 acres).

Curently the palace is a museum, also known as Kakh Muzeh Maku.

The palace consists of two floors that are made up of numerous halls and chambers, most of them beautifully decorated with paintings, mirror-work, and plaster moldings.

Adding to its beauty is the fa├žade, which contains banisters and statues made of plaster.

Baqcheh-Jooq Palace Map&Location

Baqcheh-Jooq Palace, also spelled Baghche Jug, is situated between the towns of Maku and Bazargan (about 10 km from Maku) in the province of West Azerbaijan.

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Baqcheh-Jooq Photos

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Baqcheh-Jooq Palace and garden
Baqcheh-Jooq Maku
Baqcheh-Jooq Palace facade
Baqcheh-Jooq Palace garden
Kakh Muzeh Maku - Photo source: