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Airth Castle History and Facts

The existing ancient portions of the old Place of Airth are very extensive.

The East Wing of Airth Castle is almost certainly the oldest part. It consists of a square tower with two unequal sized turrets at its front corners.

The West Wing, which is alleged to be as old as the time of Wallace, is a simple square tower with embattlements and is named Wallace Tower in conjunction with that hero having sacked it to relieve his uncle, the Priest of Dunipace, than a prisoner in it.

A large plain elevation with dormer windows fills the space between these towers, the windows having been heightened and widened in 1803. The building on this side is situated on the brink of a steep knoll that now forms a terraced garden surrounded by fine old timber. The tower is believed to date between 1550 and 1600.

Around 1470, Edward Bruce, second son of Sir Robert Bruce of Clackmannan, married Agnes, daughter of William of Airth and with her came lands of the Barony of Airth, which became his chief title.

His son Robert succeeded Edward and on the 11th June 1488, James II burned the Castle because Robert had joined the rebel Lords. On 3rd July 1489, after the succession of James IV he received £100 compensation for "Byggen of his place that was burnt".

Robert was succeeded around 1519 by his son Robert, followed by:- in 1547 Sir Alexander Bruce and in 1601 John Bruce, Sir John Bruce was married to Margaret third daughter of Alexander Lord Elphinstone and Jean Livingston, and their tomb, in the former chapel of Old Airth Church, has the saltier arms of Bruce and the initials S.J.B. and beneath that, both their initials together with an inscription.

Airth Castle Today


The Castle is a pivate property, an it is operated as a hotel and spa.

Judge Graham acquired the estate in 1717 and it remained in his family until 1920. It was converted into its present use (hotel) in 1971, having been acquired from the Forrester family.

The place is a very popular wedding venue.

Airth Castle Map&Location

Airth Castle Address: Airth Castle Hotel, Airth By Falkirk, Falkirk FK2 8PL, United Kingdom. Get help with directions:

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Airth Castle panoramic view by Stuart McKenna
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Airth Castle grounds by James Allan