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Brandenburg is the German state that surrounds Berlin, and lies on the eastern part of Germany. A characteristic of castles in palaces in Brandenburg is that many of them are not completely restored, due to the fact that many weren’t cared for during the Communist times.

Probably the most emblematic palace in the state of Brandenburg is the Sanssouci complex, located in Brandenburg’s capital city of Potsdam. It was Frederick’s II residence and unlike many other former royal residences in Brandenburg it is in a very good shape.

Apart from the Sanssouci, you can also find in Potsdam the Potsdam City Palace (Potsdamer Stadtschloss) or the Cecilienhof, the first palace built by the Hohenzollern’s.

Brandenburg flag
Brandenburg flag


Sanssouci Palace

Potsdamer Stadtschloss
Potsdam City Palace, 1773

Cecilienhof Palace