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Lochranza Castle

Lochranza Castle History

Located on a narrow spit of land that projects into Loch Ranza, Lochranza Castle was built of grey stone with red sandstone dressings.

The doorway was added in the 16th century, with the earlier doorways being blocked, one of which was located at first floor level.

The Montgomerie family as it is today built Lochranza in the 16th century, but they added to an old hall house which had been built by the Menteiths in the late 13th century.

The Montgomeries acquired the castle in 1452, but they lost it to the Hamiltons in 1705.

In 1897 the north east corner collapsed, being eroded by the sea, but the building had been roofless since before 1772.

Lochranza Castle Map

Directions: A841, North Ayrshire, UK
Approximate Geographic Coordinates: 55.705335,-5.291065

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 Lochranza Castle Photos

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The Lochranza Castle by Freddie Phillips
The Lochranza Castle by Alex Graham
Lochranza Castle grounds by Alex Graham
Lochranza Castle grounds by Lenny