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Château de Guédelon (Guédelon Castle)

Château de Guédelon Project

Château de Guédelon project aims to recreate a 13th century medieval castle with technology from that era.

The castle is located in Treigny, Burgundy, France, and it is still under construction. Construction of Guedelon castle started in 1997 and it is estimated to end around 2023.

The first year was spent making tools, baskets, pots, and stones to begin the building. Nothing happens quickly. It can take the stonecutters several days to carve one block, and this castle needs thousands.

The main reason of the Guedelon project is education. There is no better way to learn than by seeing things first hand and a group of French historians and archeologists want everyone to know how to make a medieval castle. Every step around Guedelon is like turning a page in a historical how-to book.

Amazingly, there are only 35 artisans building this castle. They are limited to using materials and techniques their counterparts used 800 years ago. All of the materials they use are found in or around the site, including the sandstone, wood, iron and limestone.

On the site there are blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, potters, rope-makers, basket weavers, woodcutters, stonecutters and carters with their horses.
The Guedelon Castle is Burgundy’s main tourist attraction drawing over 300,000 people each year.

Chateau de Guedelon - Visitor info

Over France's summer months, Guedelon is open six days a week.

The castle’s website offers up to date information about opening hours and current progress of the building and can be found at

Contact No: +33(0)386456666

Guedelon is in France's Burgundy region near the small village of Treigny. The only way to reach it is by car. You'll need half a day to explore the site, so do yourself a favour and stay at least one night in the area.

You don't need to book accommodation ahead if you want to stay overnight near Guedelon. There are plenty of farmstays and inns around. Look for signs while driving in the area.

Château de  Guédelon Map&Location

Chateau de Guédelon Address: Chantier Médiéval de Guédelon D955 89520 TREIGNY

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Guedelon plan 1997 - Click to enlarge

 © Guédelon - Photo source: FredArt 
Guedelon Castle July 2011

Photo © PicMirandole

Guédelon Castle Photos

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Guedelon august 2001 © Gérald LAIK

Guedelon June 2004 - © Andreas Wünsch

Guedelon august 2004 - © Gérald LAIK
   Guedelon july 2005 - © Christophe Finot
Guedelon july 2006 © Tristos

Guedelon August 2007 © Vincent Anciaux

Guedelon july 2008 © Luud de Brouwer
Guedelon castle july 2009 © Odejea
Guedelon site july 2009 © Gérald LAIK
   Guedelon inside august 2011 © Mll