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Elcho Castle

An attractive and elaborate tower, Elcho stands on a low rock overlooking the Tay.

Elcho Castle History

Built in the latter half of the 16th century for the Wemyss family, it is owned by the Earl of Wemyss and March, though it has been in state care since 1929.


There are remains of a courtyard, with a chapel and a round tower with a kiln.

West of the castle is an old orchard. An old quarry on the north front of the castle may have been the source for the stone, but where the dressed stone came from is unknown.

An old dovecote is positioned near the farm. The doorway with gate, in the re-entrant leads to the ground floor that has three vaults – the kitchen with a serving hatch and a bread oven and cellars.

A wide turnpike lads to the first floor, where the great hall and the laird’s chamber are. Three lesser turnpikes lead to the upper floors, a number of which are missing, though old joists survive.

The stairs reach the parapet walks, with two small rooms with fireplaces at the tower heads that are reached from the wall walk.

The Elcho Castle has a wide selection of latrines, one of which is located at the top of a turnpike stair.

Elcho Castle Map&Location

Elcho Castle Address: Perth PH2 8QQ, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Elcho Castle Photos

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Elcho Castle
Elcho Castle and courtyard
Elcho Castle and grounds
Elcho Castle from the North
Elcho Rooftop
The Hall Elcho Castle - Photos: