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Crichton Castle

A track from Crichton Church leads south to Crichton Castle, which is a large and impressive structure perched above the Tyne.

Crichton Castle History

The oldest part, the tower on the east front, was erected by John Crichton in 1400, and was vaulted.

A prison was located on the lower floor. His son, Chancellor Crichton, added a fine range to the south, and created a new entrance pend, vaulted stores, and a new hall above.

Externally the Crichton Castle is noted for its oriel window, corbel courses, turrets, arches and large corbels. Just south of the castle is the old stable block, with its horse shoe window a distinctive feature.

The buttresses are additions, making it look like a chapel, for which it has been mistaken in the past.

Crichton was the seat of the Crichton of that Ilk until 1483. James IV gave Sir Patrick Hepburn the barony, along with the earldom of Bothwell. Mary, Queen of Scots attended a wedding here in 1562.

The Earldom passed to the Stewarts, as did the castle, until around 1650. In 1926 Henry Burns Callander placed the castle into care.

Crichton Castle Map&Location

Crichton Castle Address: Crichton, Pathhead, Midlothian EH37 5XA, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Crichton Castle Photos

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Crichton Castle
Crichton Castle courtyard
Crichton Castle main entrance
Crichton Castle The well
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