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Cardoness Castle

Cardoness is a tall square tower standing on a low hillock to the west of Gatehouse.

Lower vaulted cellars are located below the tower to the south, and a ramp leads to the entrance doorway.

Cardoness Castle - Short History

The MacCullochs built Cardoness in the late 15th century. Alexander MacCulloch, laird between 1509-13 was keeper of James IV’s falcon and won 35 shillings at archery butts.

The Gordons acquired the estate in 1629, but the MacCullochs did not like this. In 1668 Alexander MacCulloch disputed with the Gordons, and caused the death of a sick widow.

In 1697 Sir Godfrey MacCulloch was executed by the "The Maiden" in Edinburgh. The castle has been empty since then.

Cardoness Castle Map&Location

Address: Cardoness Castle Castle Cottage, Castle Douglas DG7 2EH, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Cardoness Castle (1986)
The Cardoness Castle
Cardoness Castle entrance
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