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Bothwell Castle

Bothwell Castle History

Bothwell Castle was built by the Morays, and passed to Douglas ownership in 1362. It was forfeited to the Crown in 1445.

The castle was acquired by the Douglas Earl of Forfar in 1669 and used as a quarry for his new house. It was passed into state care by the Earls of Home in 1935.

Built of red sandstone on an outcrop in a bend of the Clyde, Bothwell is one of the most important early castles in Scotland.

There remains part of the great 13th-century round tower, formerly having four floors, and decorated with ornate stonework. This tower was partially demolished in 1337, but a straight wall was built across one side bringing it back into use.

The inner courtyard lies beyond the ditch, and at the east end was a great hall with traceried windows over three vaults. The hall had a large dais window and minstrel's gallery.

Remains of the earlier hall can be seen below in the turnpike and service stairs, and former fireplaces. The chapel was at first floor level, with the piscina, Holy Water stoup and sacrament house still surviving.

The Bothwell Castle sports a former portcullis and drawbridge mechanism. Some stone shot and cannonballs, along with various carved stones found during excavations, are to be found in one of the vaults.

Bothwell Castle Map&Location

Address: Bothwell Castle, Castle Avenue, Bothwell, Glasgow, G71 8BL, United Kingdom. Get help with directions:

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Bothwell Castle
Bothwell Castle courtyard
Bothwell Castle interior detail
Bothwell Castle ruins
Bothwell Castle (gatehouse ruins)